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- Disciples of Magic -


"Aether knows neither sacred nor profane, yet resides in all creation. Embrace it, and a timeless power will be yours." '
- celebrated soothsayer and sage, Gota Jaah

The path of magic beckons to those with a restless desire to study and command sorcery in all its form. Its adherents use artifacts and relics to call upon and channel forces within themselves and the aether around them, weaving their destructive and restorative spells in the service of Eorzea.

The disciples of magic (DoM) include battle-ready disciplines with the ability to protect and support their allies, while using magic to also hinder their foes. Typically dependent on their MP pools, players focusing on the disciples of magic can expect to have a unique array of talents and options. With Final Fantasy XI as a guideline for possible roles of the DoM in Final Fantasy XIV, one can expect characters capable of healing, enhancing their fellow players' performance, lowering "down time" (resting time between battles), weakening enemies through either DoT (damage over time) or nukes (heavy damage done at a single moment), and removing or inflicting detrimental status effects.

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