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Companions are chocobos that can be summoned to fight by a player's side.

Ordering the companion[edit | edit source]

Chocobos can be summoned into battle with 18px [Gysahl Greens] and will remain with a player for 30 minutes, or until he suffers injuries grievous enough to make him flee. To give a companion orders, use the commands located under Companions in the Actions & Traits interface. To order the chocobo to auto-attack, simply select Free Stance. A companion can be dismissed at any time by selecting the command Withdraw. Companions must be withdrawn before stabling or before the player can join a party.

Skills[edit | edit source]

As a player's chocobo's rank increases, he will earn skill points (SP). These points can be used to acquire new companion-specific actions and traits. There are three different skill trees that can be chosen for the chocobo: Defender, Attacker, and Healer. When the chocobo acquires his first skill from any of these trees, he will also learn that tree's stance.

Once an action or trait has been purchased, that purchase cannot be undone.

Defender[edit | edit source]

Activating the Defender Stance will turn the chocobo into a defensive-minded stalwart.

Attacker[edit | edit source]

The Attacker Stance will transform the chocobo into an offensive force.

Healer[edit | edit source]

The Healer Stance will have the chocobo focus on restoring the player's HP, rather than participating in battle.

Chocobo raising[edit | edit source]

To begin raising a chocobo companion, he must first be stabled. Chocobo stables can be purchased and placed outside free company and private estates. One chocobo stable can house a whole company's mounts.

While a chocobo is stabled, select Train to increase his EXP and select a reward, like a 18px [Krakka Root]. Depending on the type of reward the bird is given, his progress may change dramatically.

Continuously feeding a chocobo a snack of vibrant vegetables will cause him to grow feathers of a different color.