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Discipline: Disciple of Magic
Role: Healer
Related job(s): White Mage
Class weapon: Wand, Cane, Shield
Guild location: Gridania

Conjurer is a Disciple of Magic class. Conjury calls upon elemental forces present in nature and concentrates them to a potency at which spells can be weaved. Through practiced meditation on the essences of creation, conjurers draw forth and absorb aether from their immediate surroundings. A wand or cane made from unworked wood is then utilized to focus the aether until it manifests as the desired spell. The seat of the Conjurers' Guild lies at the Stillglade Fane in Gridania, where the voices of Eorzea's elementals are said to be most powerful.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Name Level MP
Stone 1 14
Cure 2 18
Aero 4 14
Cleric Stance 6
Protect 8 36
Medica 10 50
Raise 12 108
Fluid Aura 15
Esuna 18 25
Stone II 22 18
Repose 26 28
Stoneskin 34 36
Shroud of Saints 38
Cure III 42 68
Aero II 46 18
Medica II 50 61
Stoneskin II 50 72

Role actions[edit | edit source]

Name Level MP
Cleric Stance 8
Break 12
Protect 16
Esuna 20 210
Lucid Dreaming 24
Swiftcast 32
Eye for an Eye 36
Largesse 40
Surecast 44
Rescue 48

Traits[edit | edit source]

Name Level
Enhanced Mind 8
Enhanced Mind II 14
Enhanced Medica 16
Maim and Mend 20
Enhanced Mind III 24
Enhanced Raise 28
Freecure 32
Quick Stoneskin 36
Maim and Mend II 40
Overcure 44
Enhanced Shroud of Saints 48

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