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Whither doth a man walk if another taketh the road from under his feet?

Pandelion Brontard at the 14th Meeting of the Allied Council of Eorzean Nations

Guildleves are small, rectangular plates made of stained crystal set into a frame of precious metal, each depicting a virtuous deed of one of Eorzea's patron saints, also known as "guardians." When issuing tasks or quests, guilds will often provide adventurers with these plates, allowing their bearers "leave" to take whatever steps necessary to complete the jobs, including entry into normally restricted areas, hunting or harvesting on private lands, the confiscation of goods, even negotiations with those considered enemies of the city-states. Guildleves also grant use of aetheryte portals, ensuring quick travel about the region.

Upon assessing an adventurer's skills, a guildmaster will provide a selection of several different leves, taken from the guild's stock. After weighing risks against rewards, fame against fortune, adventures may then select the leves that they feel best suit their needs.

Of course, there are no regulations stating that tasks must be completed alone. Adventures are free to call on their companions to join them, as only one leve is required to take advantage of the benefits and privileges provided to its bearer. By coordinating the leves of multiple party members, adventurers can even plan grand campaigns built around several different quests.

Whether you have an hour or a whole day, are alone with friends, seeking battle or bounty, guildleves give you the ability to forge your own adventures. The possibilities are endless!

Levequests[edit | edit source]

See Levequests

Leves[edit | edit source]

AmbitionGuildLeve.png BenevolenceGuildLeve.png CandorGuildLeve.png CharityGuildLeve.png ConstancyGuildLeve.png
Ambition Benevolence Candor Charity Constancy
ContentmentGuildLeve.png CourageGuildLeve.png DevotionGuildLeve.png DiligenceGuildLeve.png IndustryGuildLeve.png
Contentment Courage Devotion Diligence Industry
IngenuityGuildLeve.png JusticeGuildLeve.png PietyGuildLeve.png PromptitudeGuildLeve.png ProvidenceGuildLeve.png
Ingenuity Justice Piety Promptitude Providence
ResolveGuildLeve.png TemperanceGuildLeve.png TenacityGuildLeve.png ValorGuildleve.png VeracityGuildLeve.png
Resolve Temperance Tenacity Valor Veracity

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