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The Hrothgar are a race introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Background[edit | edit source]

Hailing from the distant shores of Ilsabard, the Hrothgar are a burly people of lionlike appearance—or the males are, at least. Females number staggeringly few among their population, and thus are rarely so much as glimpsed by the other races.

The Hrothgar's imposing countenance─mitigated not at all by their sharp claws and still sharper fangs—incited panic amongst Eorzeans upon their arrival. As they were also unable to communicate, initial interactions with the commonfolk often escalated into conflict. It was not until the Hrothgar gained mastery of the common tongue that fears were allayed, and in time they would be as neighbors, welcome in all corners of the realm.

Clans[edit | edit source]

Hrothgar clans

Helions[edit | edit source]

Hrothgar of the Helion clan are easily discerned from their counterparts by the warm color of their fur. In ages past, they could be found primarily in the southern region of Ilsabard, devout servants of their queen, one and all. Though they themselves had no word to describe their clan, scholars came to call them "Helions" after observing how the people's lives all but revolved about their queen's needs as planets circle the sun.

The Lost[edit | edit source]

Unlike their Helion brethren, the Lost have always been a free-spirited people, aptly named for their traditionally nomadic lifestyle unbound by the whims of any reigning monarch. They are known to ply various trades--from seasonal worker, to mercenary, to peddler. They are reluctant, however, to undertake duties at odds with their propensity to travel. The cold, wintry colors of their fur are said to serve as a symbol of their independent nature, which drove them far from the warm embrace of their queen.

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