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Limit breaks are powerful actions which are only available to parties of four or more members. The actions can be executed when the party's limit gauge is full. The gauge is located directly above the party list. The limit gauge will slowly fill as battle progresses, while certain acts of heroism - such as curing an ally while they are on the brink of death, or preventing an enemy from using its special attack - will cause the gauge to rise quicker. Limit gauge length varies depending on party size and battle type. The more party members and the more difficult the foe, the more options available.

The limit break trigger is located in the Actions & Traits menu under General. It can be set to the hotbar for easy access.

Types of limit breaks[edit | edit source]

There are five different types of limit breaks. Which type is used depends on the class or job of the person who initiates the action.

  • Single-target attack (melee)
  • Attack to all targets in a straight line (ranged)
  • Area of effect attack (caster)
  • Increase party defense (tank)
  • HP restoration (healer)