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Lore[edit | edit source]

The term lore refers to the folklore or story behind Final Fantasy XIV. A very rough situation has arisen in the world of Hydaelyn, where Eorzean citizens seek to thrive amongst ten beast tribes and the aggressiveness of The Garlean Empire. The Garleans, taking advantage of technological superiority, seek to conquer Eorzea. However, amongst the many religions and relationships woven between the beast tribes, adventurers set forth to defend their lands.

One of the key tools of any adventurer is the power to relive their past through the mysterious "The Echo." This celestial ability may be for the better, or for the worst. The setting for FFXIV appears to be ten years after the initial summoning forth of the primals, superior spirits that grant strength to their summoners. The Northern lands of Ala Mhigo have been conquered by The Garlean Empire, whilst the remaining five city-states seek to fortify and prepare for the next attack by the Garleans, fixated in the Northeast.

Together, players of FFXIV will seek to defend their homes and friends from The Garlean Empire, while discovering the secrets of the "The Echo," the primals, and The Twelve. During this time, they will encounter a number of friends and foes in the different beast tribes. Through teamwork and painstaking efforts, adventurers and soldiers alike will surely prepare to present a formidable opposition to the competent and threatening gaze of The Garlean Empire.

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