Naldiq & Vymelli's

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Guild Information[edit | edit source]

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Founded by legendary cannonwright Theor Naldiq and renowned shipwright Bryce Vymeli, this well-respected establishment's forges have provided steel plating and weaponry of nearly every ship to have braved the navigator's briny demesne.

However, the recent upturn in adventurer activity has led the company to expand their repertoire to include basic blades and armor,and latterly to open their doors to aspiring crafters through the creation of both a Blacksmith's and an Armorers' Guild.

"Your body is no different from a ship. Its is a vessel, and your soul the captain. The captain must know her vessel if she is to provide it with ample protection." - Forgemaster, H'naaza Esi (Armorer's Guild)

"Live your life in the forges, you're bound to get burned. But let the flames temper your soul, ad you shall become as hard as steel." - Adept Blacksmith, Mimidoa Nanadoa (Blacksmith's Guild)

The Armorer's and Blacksmith's Guild appear together in the city of Limsa Lominsa.