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The Art of Synthesis[edit | edit source]

Synthesis is the process by which crafting is executed in Final Fantasy XIV. Lore wise, the process is a culmination of crystal technology that allows the creation process to be rapidly completed through use of crystals and magic.It does, however, have unique quirks and a need for skill just like normal product creation. In Final Fantasy XIV players are only able to craft using Synthesis.

The classes that are able to use Synthesis are the Disciples of Hand.


The Synthesis Process[edit | edit source]

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1. Having equipped the proper tool, choose the Synthesize option from the system menu.

2. Select from among the available slots and set the desired ingredients from your inventory to be used in the synthesis.

3. Choose the Begin command corresponding to the tool you wish to use -- either main hand or off hand -- to commence crafting.

4. Observe the status of your crafting and select commands as it progresses until it reaches completion.

5. Obtain the item you crafted, together with an award of skill points and experience points.

Synthesis Properties[edit | edit source]

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Each synthesis attempt is governed by three distinct factors. These are listed below with a brief description of each:

- Progress

Progress, which begins at 0% and ends at 100%, denotes how close the current synthesis is to completion.

- Durability

Durability will diminish each time a command is executed during the crafting process. Should the durability reach zero, the synthesis will fail and the ingredients will be lost.

- Quality

Higher degrees of quality allow for a greater chance of creating high-quality items, while at the same time increasing difficulty. Such crafting results will yield higher rewards from synthesis-oriented local levequests.

Viewing the graphic results of a command can help to determine whether the command produced positive or negative results. Through such careful observation, players can increase not only their overall chances of success, but the likelihood of high-quality yields as well. If the colour of the synthesis is glowing white it means you have the highest chance of succeeding one of your commands, if it's a yellow or red glow you have a low chance of success.

Basic Commands[edit | edit source]

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The four commands listed below make up the basic commands of synthesis.

- Standard Synthesis

Executing this command will lower durability to a certain extent, but at the same time increase the overall likelihood of success while reducing any negative impact on synthesis ingredients.

- Rapid Synthesis

This command is capable of yielding dramatic results. With luck, it will advance progress with little impact on durability. However, it does place significant strain on synthesis materials. It is perhaps best employed to attempt to turn a failing synthesis into a surprising success.

- Bold Synthesis

This command increases a player's emphasis on quality with the specific intent of creating a high-quality item. Due to the fact that it greatly reduces durability, it is essential that it be used in conjunction with certain synthesis-related abilities, as described below.

- Wait

Waiting means that a player simply stands by and waits for the synthesis to perhaps stabilize or take a turn for the better. Observing to excess, however, will result in a decline in durability.

Using Abilities During Synthesis[edit | edit source]

In addition to the basic commands outlined above, there are also a number of abilities which can only be used during synthesis. These are learned by characters as their crafting skill increases.

There are, however, some important differences. First, synthesis abilities cannot be used twice in succession, meaning that the most frequently they may be executed is every other command. Second, there are no ability costs for using synthesis abilities, such as MP or TP consumption, and no recast timers. The probability of such abilities becoming available for use during synthesis instead depends upon factors such as class rank and player attributes.

Differences Among Tools[edit | edit source]

Tools employed by the Disciples of the Hand are split into two categories: primary tools (main hand) and secondary tools (off hand). When beginning a synthesis, players must choose the tool with which they wish to craft. Though the synthesis may be conducted with either, the results may differ based on the nature of the recipe or pattern being followed. After players select the materials they wish to craft with, a list of possible products will be given to players to choose from. These products may vary, depending on the tool selected.