The Bismarck

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Want a place in our cook'ouse, now do ye? Then first prove ye can not only taste with yer yapper, but with yer eyes, yer ears, an'yer 'eart!
~ Culinarians' Guild Guildmaster, Lyngsath Doesfalksyn

The Bismarck is the culinarian guild located in Limsa Lominsa on the upper decks. It is forever titillating the tongues of travelers, and assuaging the appetites of adventurers - where gourmand from around the globe gather to dine on delectable dishes, to sup on sumptuous soups, to indulge their innermost cravings. Pass through the gates of Eorzea's premiere culinary establishment and be greeted with a bountiful array of exotic delights from beyond the boundless seas.

Watch and be amazed as grand battles unfold in the kitchens over fire and flame, pitting experienced masters against budding young chefs, eager to divest their mentors of their most secret recipes. Give in to the forbidden desires of your polished palate and join our goodly guild to begin the climb up the gilded steps to gustatory greatness.