The Twelve

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"The Twelve" is a group consisting of the twelve gods and goddesses that watch over the world of Hydaelyn. Players in Final Fantasy XIV are given the option of selecting their "guardian" deity at character creation. It is currently unknown what effects this will have on the player throughout the game, although there are likely small benefits rewarded from the guardian deity. Each deity has an associated element, tool, month, and relation to the other deities.

Nald'thal, The TradersOschon, The WandererMenphina, The LoverAzeyma, The WardenAlthyk, The KeeperNymeia, The SpinnerThaliak, The ScholarRhalgr, The DestroyerLlymlaen, The NavigatorNophica, The LoverByregot, The BuilderHalone, The FuryTheTwelveRelationship.png

Eorzean Calendar by Deity[edit | edit source]

Menphina, The LoverOschon, The WandererNymeia, The SpinnerAlthyk, The KeeperNald'thal, The TradersByregot, The BuilderHalone, The FuryLlymlaen, The NavigatorThaliak, The ScholarNophica, The MatronAzeyma, The WardenRhalgr, The DestroyerTheTwelveCalendar.png