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Actions are spells and weaponskills associated with a specific class or job. They can be placed on the hotbar for quicker activation. Most actions require magic points (MP) or tactical points (TP) to execute, in addition to having recast times of various lengths. Detailed information on an action can be viewed by mousing over its icon. The range and radius of an action can also be confirmed in the help window.

Combos[edit | edit source]

Melee-oriented classes such as gladiator and marauder can chain together their weaponskills to deal additional damage or inflict additional enfeeblements to their targets. This is known as a combo. Combos are not available to pugilists, as this melee class employs a unique weaponskill chaining system.

If a weaponskill can be chained with another, it will be indicated in the weaponskill's help text under Combo Action. Some weaponskills must be delivered from a specified direction to maximize their damage. In these cases, maximum damaged must be dealt for the action to successfully initiate a combo.

When a weaponskill can be chained into a combo, its hotbar icon will be outlined with a flashing yellow border. The border will fade if the weaponskill is not used within a certain amount of time.

Actions from other classes[edit | edit source]

The Armoury system not only allows the freedom to change between classes, but also the ability to wield the spells and actions obtained through those classes. To make these actions accessible to a player's current class, start by opening Character from the main menu, followed by Actions & Traits. Next, select the desired class under Additional to display a list of available actions. Highlighting the checkbox will add the action to the list at the bottom of the Actions & Traits interface. Once an action has been added to the list, drag the icon to the hotbar to ready it for use.

At level 10, players are only allowed a maximum of two additional actions. This number increases every five levels up to a maximum of ten actions.

Limit break[edit | edit source]

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Limit breaks are powerful actions which are only available to parties of four or more members. The actions can be executed when the party's limit gauge is full. The gauge is located directly above the party list.

Companion skills[edit | edit source]

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As a player's chocobo's rank increases, he will earn skill points (SP). These points can be used to acquire new companion-specific actions and traits.