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Possible airship landing zone?!

Transportation in Eorzea is done through Aetheryte, Aethernet, Chocobos, Chocobo-drawn carriages, Airships, and Boats. Each type of transportation will provide different methods to traveling and exploring the vast region of Eorzea.

Return[edit | edit source]

Return teleports players to the Aetheryte that they have set as their return or home point. The cost of Return is free, but has a cooldown of 15 minutes.

Teleport[edit | edit source]

Players can teleport to any Aetheryte that they have attuned to. Teleporting costs Gil depending on the distance of the Aetheryte being teleported to.

Chocobo[edit | edit source]


Players can rent chocobos by talking to Isleen in Limsa Lominsa's Bulwark Hall